Step 6: Offline Visibility

How To Make Yourself More Visible Offline The power of networking, unforgettable presentations and amazing events How can I improve my networking, presentation and organising skills? Prepare yourself for in-person visibility opportunities After having a look at your online visibility, it is now time for your offline visibility. There are several ways to let people, usually locally, Read more about Step 6: Offline Visibility[…]

Step 5: Online Visibility

How To Make Yourself More Visible Online The power of social media I want to use social media in order to be more visible online, how should I start? Social media channels Nowadays, there are a lot of social media on the market. When you want to start using them, you have to decide which ones will benefit Read more about Step 5: Online Visibility[…]

Step 2: Your Story

How Your Story Can Attract Relevant Business Contacts The importance of finding your why What kind of message about my expertise or business will attract the right people? Why your story is so important When talking to people or showing content online, you need to have clarity on which message you want to bring across. Therefore; preparing Read more about Step 2: Your Story[…]

Modern Networking 6 Steps

Modern Networking Explained in 6 Easy-to-Apply Steps Creating a strategy that will move your career and business forward Business — Connecting Business: the conversion of relevant contacts into profitable relationships Connecting: the human connection before a business connection For who? Professionals and businesses who want to become more visible and turn relevant contacts into profitable relationships. You are Read more about Modern Networking 6 Steps[…]