About Founder Floor Martens

Floorish was founded in 2015 by Floor Martens in the Netherlands.  Since then, Floorish’s focus moved from social media to community building to business development and diversity, equity and inclusion. The values stayed the same: impact-drivenness, forward-drivenness and creativity. The current mission of Floorish is: Increase the impact of forward-thinking organisations globally by building strong clientbases and inclusive workplaces

Floor is a creative, forward-thinking and impact-driven consultant with 15 years of experience at corporations, governments, startups and universities. She has led Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Business Development projects for organisations from Canada, France, Germany, India, Israel, the Netherlands and the UK in the education, energy, finance, healthcare, legal, public, retail, social and technology sectors. For more information connect on LinkedIn and read this personal blog.

Floor’s aspirations for lifelong learning led to a degree in Law, mastery of Dutch, English and German and certificates from international business schools in Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace, Intercultural Communication, Business Constellations, Theory U, Change Management, Social Innovation, Lead Generation and Online Marketing. She is passionate about sports and bringing people from different backgrounds together. She created expat, LGBTQ and Theory U groups ranging from 100 to 6800 members worldwide.