Market Research Project


Your Health & Care

Newcastle upon Tyne

United Kingdom




Your Health & Care approached Floorish to assist with their online well-being platform for the elderly in care homes, Peggi. They needed comprehensive European landscape research to understand the potential market opportunities and formulate an effective market entry strategy.


Floorish conducted in-depth market analysis, focusing on the care home markets in Germany, France, and Spain. The research encompassed an examination of e-health perspectives from governments, differences in business cultures and an assessment of potential competitors, customers, and business partners.


1. Identified the relevant competitors in the target markets which allowed Your Health & Care to gain insights into existing players in the industry and devise strategies to differentiate Peggi effectively
2. Analysed the opportunities for Peggi in the care home markets in Germany, France and Spain which led to making informed decisions regarding their platform’s positioning and potential customer base
3. Provided Peggi’s market entry strategy in Europe which enabled them to devise a well-defined approach to enter and establish a presence in the target markets


“Floor was recommended to me as a European market/business analysis expert. I sensed that she would surpass my expectation with her strong critical thinking and insights. She is a fantastic professional and inspirational human – bright, brave and loves working across a variety of themes. I highly recommend her.”