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Welcome to the twelfth edition of the Floorish newsletter dedicated to providing you with insightful data, ideas and views on diversity, equity and inclusion. In this newsletter, taking no more than 3 minutes of your time, I aim to keep you informed and inspired with thought-provoking content, practical tips and inspiring stories.

As you reflect on your journey this year, consider the wealth of insights gained through articles centred on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). As we near the conclusion of this year, I extend a warm invitation for you to explore my series of blogs and newsletters. Upon reflection, a common thread becomes apparent: the profound impact of diverse perspectives. Among these writings, you may discover a piece or two that gently nudges you to perceive individuals or circumstances from a fresh angle.

It all started with my blog Diversity and Inclusion: What Legacy Will You Leave Behind? where I delved into the influence of diverse perspectives from my experiences in underrepresented groups, advocating to combat bias. Subsequently, a stream of blogs and newsletters followed suit, cultivating a community that now comprises over 1221 committed readers – and I extend my heartfelt gratitude to you, a cherished member of this community.

Driven by a passion for continuous learning, I eagerly anticipate dedicating time in the upcoming year to delve deeper into topics that resonate with us all. I aim to foster an environment where exploration and sharing insights on these subjects thrive, inspiring growth and understanding.

1: Business value of diverse perspectives

Return on Inclusion = Return on Investment explores the business benefits of diverse perspectives, outlining researched advantages and demonstrating methods to gauge the return on investment for DEI.

2: Experiences resulting in acquiring new perspectives

My Experiences of Belonging to 5 Underrepresented Groups and DEI & Perspectives revolve around valuing diverse viewpoints, acknowledging the transformative influence that comes with firsthand experiences within marginalised communities, or learning from their members.

3: Employee resource groups’ impact on organisational perspectives

Employee Resource Groups: Their Evolution, Benefits, Leaders, Methods, Needs, Metrics and Trends discusses how employee resource groups can support, shape and broaden perspectives within organisational settings.

4: Trauma’s effect on reshaping perspectives

DEI & Trauma delves into how past experiences of discrimination and social violence influence the political choices of underprivileged groups, shedding light on trauma’s impact in shaping perspectives and support for leaders whose actions may contradict their interests.

5: Persuasion principles’ influence on shaping perspectives

Cialdini’s Six Principles of Persuasion Applied to Diversity & Inclusion considers psychological persuasion principles like reciprocity, commitment, social proof, liking, authority, and scarcity to improve diversity initiatives, showcasing their impact on shaping perspectives within organisations.

6: Drivers behind the adoption of perspectives

Choosing sides analyses the motivations behind adopting particular perspectives, particularly evident in complex situations such as the Israel-Palestine conflict, examining drivers like clarity, belonging, and fear in decision-making processes.

7: Evolution of perspectives within social contexts

Football gender pay gap and Lesbian parental rights highlight changing societal perspectives by examining disparities in football pay based on gender and evolving rights for lesbian parents.

8: Societal implications of shifting perspectives

Victory for Dutch far-right investigates the societal implications of a significant political shift in the Netherlands, shedding light on the rise of Geert Wilders’ far-right Party for Freedom (PVV) in the recent elections and its influence on shifting perspectives, and core values.

9: Expanding perspectives through constellation work

How Can Constellations Take DEI to the Next Level? probes the integration of constellation work as a systemic tool within DEI contexts, offering a holistic approach to address complex DEI issues and provide comprehensive solutions.

10: Organisations faking the adoption of diverse perspectives

Diversity Washing examines how organisations, often adopting superficial practices, portray an image of embracing DEI through marketing strategies, without genuinely addressing systemic issues.

11: The potential effects of AI-driven perspectives

AI & DEI researches the risks and implications of AI-generated perspectives in decision-making and diversity initiatives, exploring both its potential effects and associated risks across various sectors.

12: Retainment of diverse perspectives in the workplace

DEI & Hybrid/Remote work, Strategies to Improve Gender Diversity in the Workplace and Become an LGBTQ+ Inclusive Employer delve into creating inclusive workplaces, promoting gender diversity, and supporting LGBTQ+ employees to maintain diverse perspectives in the workplace.

Never underestimate the significance of the words spoken about you! Today, a memory resurfacedβ€”words shared about me for my website by an esteemed and wise friend, from an organisation where I volunteered years ago in Nepal. Only now have I grasped the profound significance of her words. Describing me, she said:

“You embody purity, honesty, authenticity, spontaneity, a strong sense of justice, keen observation, innovation, excellent communication, and profound intelligence. When you question your standpoint, you seek to explore it from a different angle.”

These reflections further solidify my aspiration for these writings: to ignite vibrant discussions and cultivate an environment conducive to openly exploring diverse perspectives. As we approach the end of this year, let us embark on a collective journey towards evolving perspectives. May 2024 bring about fresh understandings and a diverse range of viewpoints, weaving together a more inclusive narrative for everyone.

I hope these insights have sparked your curiosity and I invite you to share any data, ideas or views you believe should be highlighted in future newsletters. Stay tuned for the next edition.

Warm regards,

Floor Martens

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