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Welcome to the first edition of the Floorish newsletter dedicated to providing you with insightful data, ideas and views on diversity, equity and inclusion. In this newsletter, taking no more than 3 minutes of your time, I aim to keep you informed and inspired with thought-provoking content, practical tips and inspiring stories.

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Let’s dive right in with the first issue inspired by Pride Month!

I’ve recently held calls with leads of LGBTQ+ employee networks of international companies and heard stories that gave me goosebumps. They shared experiences of LGBTQ+ microaggressions. The comments were so offensive that they led to the firing of colleagues. Several people shared that while homophobic comments had made them feel extremely unsafe, these feelings ultimately drove them to start an LGBTQ+ employee network.

Are you eager to learn more about becoming an LGBTQ+ inclusive employer? An LGBTQ+ supportive workplace has an instant effect on market share, innovation, productivity, retention, talent attraction and costs. Check out this blog post that covers:

  • The business relevance of a supportive LGBTQ+ workplace
  • How to create an LGBTQ+ positive workplace
  • How to attract LGBTQ+ talent
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1. Gay Pride Origin

Did you know that the very first gay pride parade, known as “Christopher Street Liberation Day” took place on June 28th, 1970? This momentous event marked the one-year anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, a historic turning point in LGBTQ+ history. The parade marched through Christopher Street in New York City near the Stonewall Inn, where the riots ignited. Over time, this celebration evolved into what we now know as Gay Pride Week.

2. Rainbow Flag Colours

Did you know that the iconic rainbow flag, symbolising LGBTQ+ pride, was designed by artist and activist Gilbert Baker in 1978? Baker’s vibrant creation featured eight colours, each with a specific meaning: pink for sexuality, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, turquoise for art, indigo for harmony, and violet for spirit. While the flag has since been simplified to the six-stripe rainbow design, its enduring symbolism and inclusivity remain. It has inspired various versions and adaptations to represent the diverse identities within the LGBTQ+ community.

3. Amsterdam Boat Parade

Did you know that Amsterdam added a unique twist to gay pride parades? Since the first parade in 1996, the organizers aimed to create an event that truly reflected the city’s character. Thus, the Amsterdam Boat Parade was born, utilising the city’s enchanting canals to celebrate LGBTQ+ rights and visibility. This innovative approach showcases Amsterdam’s profound connection to water while fostering inclusivity and acceptance.

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Since coming out as a lesbian at the age of 20, I have been fortunate to feel safe and supported at work. However, I do realise I’ve been lucky to have worked in fairly LGBTQ+ tolerant parts of the world. Some of us are not that lucky.

Here are a few personal reflections related to microaggressions, job opportunities and authenticity:

  • I’ve encountered colleagues who expressed their inability to accept LGBTQ+ individuals due to their religious beliefs.
  • By including my LGBTQ+ volunteer work on my resume, I’m always open about my identity from the start. Has it potentially impacted job interview invitations? It may have.
  • The belief that “if not me, then who?” has guided me to be open about having a female partner throughout my career, except in situations where I face risks. Over the years, people have approached me to discuss their own coming-out journeys and struggles and seek advice on how to support LGBTQ+ family members and friends.

I hope these insights have sparked your curiosity and I invite you to share any data, ideas or views you believe should be highlighted in future newsletters. Stay tuned for the next edition which will explore diversity, equity and inclusion and AI.

Warm regards,

Floor Martens

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