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Floorish helps forward-thinking organisations generate new leads globally and approach new markets strategically with consulting services. To achieve your goals, Floorish will conduct extensive market, competition and customer journey analysis, create buyer personas and leverage media, events and online tools. With Floorish market entry and lead generation practices, your organisation will conquer markets successfully and flourish!

Market research will help you understand your users. Market research is any set of techniques used to gather information and better understand an organisation’s target market. This information is used to design better products, improve user experience and craft a marketing message that attracts leads. Primary research is information gathered through self-conducted research methods such as online surveys, interviews and focus groups. Secondary research is information gathered from previously conducted studies, such as trend reports, market statistics and industry content.

Research ObjectivesResearch ScopeCulture
& Politics
Target MarketCompetitors AnalysisFinal Recommendations
Determining the research objectives Defining the exact research scopeInvestigating the cultural and political climateDiving into the specifics of the target marketAnalysing the competitors Finding the best routes to market

In competitive landscape analysis, you identify your organisation’s major competitors and research their products, marketing and sales strategies. Competitors’ analysis will enable you to create solid business strategies that outsmart your competitors. Below you find an overview of the information that will be collected when doing a competitors analysis:

OrganisationProductMarketing & Sales
WebsiteTarget customerWebsite setup
LocationUsersContact options
FoundationOfferingGoogle ranking
SizeUSPOnline marketing
PurposePriceOffline marketing

The customer journey is the sum of experiences that customers go through when interacting with your organisation and brand. Instead of looking at just a part of a transaction or experience, the customer journey documents the customer’s full experience. It allows you to match communication strategies with customer expectations at each stage of their journey. Below you find an overview of the information that will be collected when researching the customer journeys:

Implementation & UseExperienceResponsible
Loyalty & AdvocacyEvaluationKPI’s

A buyer persona is a detailed description of your target audience. This is a fictional person who embodies the characteristics of your best potential customer. A buyer persona definition will make you target your ideal customer. Below you find an overview of the information that needs to be collected when creating buyer personas:

DemographicsInterestsOrganisationMediaGoals & Challenges
Job title & RoleEducationIndustry(social) Media channelsFrustrations
Age & GenerationHobbiesRevenueEventsBiggest paint point
GenderPassionsSizeFavourite brandsMarketing message

A media/events landscape is a collection of events, magazines, newsletters, websites and other media that are relevant to the PR of your organisation’s services and/or products. A media/events landscape will make you spend your PR budget strategically and effectively. Below you find an overview of the information that will be collected for the creation of a media/events landscape:

SectorNamePrice magazine
RegionMonthPrice newsletter
ContactRegionPrice blog
Target audienceDatesPrice video
Total readersSizePrice podcast
Total viewersLanguagePrice banner
Total visitorsContactPrice event

Digital tools can be of great value for business development. They can help you find relevant data quickly, analyse them and automate engagements. This way you can cross some time-consuming and repetitive tasks from your to-do list. Certain tools provide you with relevant organisation and personality insights, other ones help you keep track of your leads, prospects and clients easily. Below you find descriptions of several available digital tools for research, marketing and sales activities.

Data extractorEmail trackerCRM system
Survey form creatorLanding page creatorEmail lookup tool
Website analyzerChatbotCalendar scheduler
Trend hunterAI messengerPersonality assessor
Influencer finderData scraperMessage automator